Babcia Janina

Babcia Janka
My grandmother, Janina Wysoka, nee Kirschinger,  in 1917 just before she got married. She was born in 1896 and died in 1978 just before I got married. Born in Bratislava; brought up in Vienna. Spent twenty years in Lwow, then Siberia and the long journey to freedom through Iran, Palestine and finally England in 1947. Never assimilated, never forgot anything.

I met some of her school friends in Poland in 1974. (Panie Palkanskie, in Przemysl).  They admitted they were always very envious of her because she was fat and therefore a good marriage prospect. And so it came about. She married a man who already  had two sons whose mothers had died in childbirth. She survived the birth of her only son, my father, who is now 96  (OCT 2015) and a grandfather himself. Her husband, my grandfather, was taken by the soviets at the beginning of the war and shot after six months in prison in Siberia.


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